7 sets of hands joining in the middle

In It Together

During these challenging days of coronavirus, we want you to know we are here to help. Our office is fully-operational, assisting our clients daily via

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Illustration of thief running with bag of money

Lock Down Your Credit

Restrict access to your credit by locking it down, or freezing it. It can be easily accomplished as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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Observation deck with magnifier device overlooking Empire State Building

‘Get Real’ about new NY DMV ID

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicle is encouraging motorists to “get real.” Beginning on Oct. 1, 2020, a standard New York State driver’s license won’t be enough to get on even a domestic flight, and although that is more than two years away, the DMV is encouraging residents to get ahead of the game.

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Living room with extreme amounts of water flooding in


The recent storms that wreaked havoc in Texas and Florida captured the heartfelt attention of our nation. We encourage everyone to contribute to the relief effort of their choice. We are all Americans pulling together for one another.

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Two arms held high with handcuffs attached to one wrist

You Have a Choice

Options give us freedom. We appreciate options as well, and that’s why we offer a great group of insurance carriers to get you the best coverage.

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Closeup of exotic car headlights

Who or WHAT is Behind the Wheel?

The day of the driverless car is upon us. It is no longer ambitious thinking by a writer in Popular Science; the technology is alive and well and thriving at auto manufacturers, and not just Tesla or Google. Companies like Ford are already testing and working with prototypes.

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3 American flags in grass during memorial

Memorial Day

In the midst of daily challenges and life as we know it, we are rarely asked to reflect on the heartfelt significance of Memorial Day. A holiday, yes, but it is with meaning that transcends ethnicity, religion, and personal agenda or political persuasion.

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Man plowing driveway with snowblower

Are You Ready for Winter?

With tough weather hitting our friends and neighbors hard in Buffalo, winter isn’t too far away. But are you ready? Have your furnace serviced Have

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Closeup of Generac generator outside of private home

Top 3 Generator Safety Tips

With winter just around the corner for New York, this humorous video from Travelers Insurance outlines 3 great tips to maintain your generator safety: Keep

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