Some of our most commonly asked questions

We’re not sure about you but there are always some nagging questions about insurance that websites don’t answer or don’t want to answer. Here’s our list of those insurance urban legends and some straight answers:

Why must insurance cost so darn much?

Insurance is about spreading risk. So when you insure your house, you insure it with all your neighbors. We all pay a little bit to protect the one neighbor who has the big loss he cannot afford to pay for himself. In some areas, it simply costs more to rebuild houses and repair cars. And truthfully, in some regions there are more lawsuits than others.

Do insurance companies make a ton of profit?

Some do, just like other “for profit” private businesses. It’s important for insurance carriers to make sufficient profit to be able to pay claims in a timely and equitable fashion. Insuring with a company that has poor financial stability is a risky endeavor. That’s why we only use “A” rated carriers.

Do I need to tell the insurance company about all the drivers in my household?

Yes, you do. Insurance is a contract, and you agree to be honest with your insurance company. Hiding a driver can result in denial of the claim, or worse yet, refusal of the insurance company to defend you in a lawsuit. Don’t risk your future by hiding a driver.

If I don't pay my insurance on the due date, is there a grace period?

Generally, in NY state, there is a 20-day grace period beyond the due date. But be aware that going in to the late pay period will add late fees and habitual late payers risk non renewal of their insurance. Contact us to find out all the ways to pay your premium timely, efficiently and with less cost.

I'm buying a used car. The title to the car shows a lien holder.  What does that mean?

Lien holders are usually the bank that gave the original buyer a loan when he bought the car. Be sure the lien (loan) is paid before you buy the auto. The seller should present you with a “satisfaction of lien”. This is proof that the car is free of any loans and you can safely purchase the car.

I just bought a dog for my kids. Is this pet covered under my home insurance?

Most likely, Fido is covered. If your new pet injures a visitor or neighbor, your home insurance will help to pay any medical bills and defend you in a lawsuit. Some breeds are more susceptible to lawsuits so be careful. Call us if you want more information on insuring your family pets.

I see lots of tornadoes on TV. Do I need special insurance to protect my residence?

In many cases, no. Homeowner’s insurance provides for windstorm damage, even tornadoes. Every policy has a deductible so check with us and we can let you know what your portion of the claim will be. If you have specific concerns with foul weather and other potential claims, call or email us today.

My parents are elderly and need some help around the house. We hired a home-care aide to assist them. Will mom and dad's home policy provide all the insurance we need?

With the growing elderly population, home health care aides are a common scene. You need to be sure that this new resident or “employee” is properly and legally insured to avoid any pitfalls. Liability insurance, workers compensation, and disability are all available at affordable rates. We can show you how to provide appropriate protection for this employed person, which will give you added assurance.