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Umbrella Insurance Covers Super Bowl Accidents

Most people are not inclined to consider risk factors around the house or business that could lead to a lawsuit, but let’s face facts…

Accidents happen, people get hurt, and lawsuits are the end result.

So, how much lawsuit protection do you have? Does your business or family need more protection against unforeseen incidents?  Here is a list of real life incidents that invoked a lawsuit:

Umbrella insurance

  • A Super Bowl party guest fell over the coffee table in your family room while astonished by another Denver turnover.
  • The UPS man was delivering the latest gizmo from Amazon and your pooch decided he was dinner…ouch.
  • You do your very best to clear the business parking lot of snow, but black ice causes a visitor to fall and break her hip.
  • Cousin Freddy did his best cannonball into your above ground pool, busting the pool wall, sending hundreds of gallons of water into your neighbor’s yard, damaging the house, gazebo and their prize rose garden.
  • The front desk clerk is having a bad day at your business and defames a loyal client based upon their personal appearance.

Are you concerned about your lawsuit liability protection? Email or call us today, we can help to alleviate your fears.