Hot Fun in the Summertime…

Closeup of water coming out of faucet

Homeowners insurance will most likely cover you for a water line burst, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent it in the first place?

Are You Ready for Winter?

Man plowing driveway with snowblower

With tough weather hitting our friends and neighbors hard in Buffalo, winter isn’t too far away. But are you ready? Have your furnace serviced Have your chimney inspected Large generators should be serviced annually while smaller ones should be tested. Never run them in the garage or too close to the house Clean out the […]

Top 3 Generator Safety Tips

Closeup of Generac generator outside of private home

With winter just around the corner for New York, this humorous video from Travelers Insurance outlines 3 great tips to maintain your generator safety: Keep generator ventilated Ground and wire correctly Handle fuel carefully

Old Man Winter Will Not Let Go…

White suburban house in winter with lawn and trees covered in snow

Mid-winter tips to keep your house safe and Old Man Winter out: Watch those icy steps, keep salt or ice melt (preferably eco-friendly) around to prevent slips and falls. Shut all windows, you’d be surprised how many may not be securely closed. Going away to beat the chill? Ask a neighbor to check on the […]

Should I Buy a Generator?

Closeup of Generac generator outside of private home

Generators can make life livable when the power goes out, that’s for sure. We all snicker at that neighbor who has every light on in his home after the electricity cut out, but there is a part of us that thinks, If you’re looking to just fire up a few lights, the fridge, and maybe […]