Closeup of Generac generator outside of private home

Should I Buy a Generator?

Generators can make life livable when the power goes out, that’s for sure. We all snicker at that neighbor who has every light on in his home after the electricity cut out, but there is a part of us that thinks,

If you’re looking to just fire up a few lights, the fridge, and maybe another appliance, a small, low cost generator can easily be used. But if you need to maintain heat, hot water and other whole house vital utility, a larger generator is what you need.

Be prepared in times of power outage

Keep in mind that your licensed electrician will need to install a transfer panel before you can use your generator. And you will need to maintain the generator and keep sufficient fuel to run it. Before investing in a generator, consult with your electrician, who can give you the best advice about the size and style generator to purchase, and the proper use of a generator.

REMEMBER: NEVER use a generator inside a building, including a garage; it is very dangerous and fumes can be harmful.

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