OMG! Is that… Mold???

Modern bathroom in private home

Mold and Leaks, scary words for us homeowners. Now is a good time to reconfirm what home insurance usually covers and does not cover.

You Have a Choice

Two arms held high with handcuffs attached to one wrist

Options give us freedom. We appreciate options as well, and that’s why we offer a great group of insurance carriers to get you the best coverage.

Hot Fun in the Summertime…

Closeup of water coming out of faucet

Homeowners insurance will most likely cover you for a water line burst, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent it in the first place?

Who or WHAT is Behind the Wheel?

Closeup of exotic car headlights

The day of the driverless car is upon us. It is no longer ambitious thinking by a writer in Popular Science; the technology is alive and well and thriving at auto manufacturers, and not just Tesla or Google. Companies like Ford are already testing and working with prototypes.

Safe Driving Tips for your Teen

Young girl having coffee and reading smartphone

With school returning in September, McCarthy Insurance highlight the need to talk to your teen about safe driving and responsibility.

Memorial Day

3 American flags in grass during memorial

In the midst of daily challenges and life as we know it, we are rarely asked to reflect on the heartfelt significance of Memorial Day. A holiday, yes, but it is with meaning that transcends ethnicity, religion, and personal agenda or political persuasion.

Are You Ready for Winter?

Man plowing driveway with snowblower

With tough weather hitting our friends and neighbors hard in Buffalo, winter isn’t too far away. But are you ready? Have your furnace serviced Have your chimney inspected Large generators should be serviced annually while smaller ones should be tested. Never run them in the garage or too close to the house Clean out the […]