OMG! Is that… Mold???

Modern bathroom in private home

Mold and Leaks, scary words for us homeowners. Now is a good time to reconfirm what home insurance usually covers and does not cover.

Old Man Winter Will Not Let Go…

White suburban house in winter with lawn and trees covered in snow

Mid-winter tips to keep your house safe and Old Man Winter out: Watch those icy steps, keep salt or ice melt (preferably eco-friendly) around to prevent slips and falls. Shut all windows, you’d be surprised how many may not be securely closed. Going away to beat the chill? Ask a neighbor to check on the […]

Umbrella Insurance Covers Super Bowl Accidents

Closeup of Judge's gavel

Most people are not inclined to consider risk factors around the house or business that could lead to a lawsuit, but let’s face facts… Accidents happen, people get hurt, and lawsuits are the end result. So, how much lawsuit protection do you have? Does your business or family need more protection against unforeseen incidents?  Here […]